Legislative Changes proposal Part III

PART 3: What statement or statements do you wish to have included in the “Resolved” clause of your proposal?  The resolved clause is a clause or a series of clauses asking the Governor and the Legislature (State Proposals) or, the President and Congress (Federal Proposals), to rectify the problem outlined in your “Whereas” clauses.  The more detailed the solution, the better chance you have of successfully seeing your policy objective through the entire legislative process.

RESOLVED: Seniors over 62 should be able to sell their homes free of Federal 15%

And State (9-10%) capital gain taxes.

RESOLVED: Seniors over 62 should be allowed to move anywhere in California

Without paying increased property taxes, as long as they are moving to a less

Expensive residence.

PART 4: If your proposal requires additional funds, cite potential sources and any impact on the state budget.  (How much will this cost and how will it be paid for?)

No Funds

PART 5: Please list any co‑authors who should be added to your proposal.

  1. Sr. Assembly Members:                                       Sr. Senate Members:

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